Journey to Clean 2019 Light

Journey to Clean 2019 Light

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Let's face it - keeping your home clean (while trying to juggle a million other to-dos) is tough.  You want a clean, organized home, but the everyday needs of your job and your family get in the way sometimes.  Who doesn't need a way to easily streamline their complete home maintenance agenda?

 Enter Journey to Clean Light!

Journey to Clean Light is a simplified version of the original version of Journey to Clean.  This edition takes the cleaning tasks and cuts them in half, reducing your total work time each day to around 30-45 minutes.  This schedule is great for busy times of the year of for those who simply don't have an hour a day to clean. Many readers also use these systems interchangeably - I personally use them both!  If I have the opportunity to use the full Journey to Clean calendar for a month, I do...for busy months (like summer or the holiday season), I switch over to the Light calendar.  Simple as that!

The best part?  Your entire home care calendar is outlined in a beautiful, coordinated set of printables that you can use to start your own home cleaning notebook.

What you'll get in this eBook...

Cleaning Schedule - You'll get a toned-down version of the printable made famous in this post.  It's one of the most popular cleaning routines on the internet for a works!

Monthly Cleaning Calendars of the light cleaning schedule dated for January-December 2019. See the cleaning schedule broken down into easy-to-complete daily tasks!

Printable Binder Cover Pages to stylishly organize your home cleaning notebook.

Detailed commentary of how you can integrate this home cleaning schedule into your daily routine!

When you purchase Journey to Clean, you will receive a .pdf digital copy.  That means you will be able to download the files for the eBook immediately and print as needed for your own personal use.  This is not a physical product; nothing will be shipped to you.  These files work best on 8.5x11" paper when printed in full color and can easily be printed at home.

Q: What's the difference in Journey to Clean and Journey to Clean Light? Journey to Clean 2019 includes all of the sections you've come to love in the previous editions - overall schedules, cleaning calendars for all of 2019, section dividers, and a deep cleaning section.  It totals 33 printable cleaning pages.  Journey to Clean Light is similar; it includes lighter overall cleaning schedules, calendars for all of 2019 that cut your daily tasks in half, and divider pages to develop your own cleaning notebook.  The Light version incudes 30 printable pages.  The printables in each edition are different - you won't see duplicates in either edition!

Q: Do I need both editions? In my opinions, yes!  I use both editions, depending on how much time I have to dedicate to cleaning in any given month. No given month is the same - your cleaning routine for any given month shouldn't have to be the same either.   When I have a full hour per day to dedicate to cleaning, I choose the full edition; if I only have maybe 30 minutes a day, I go with the light edition.  Both systems are similar and work incredibly well together.



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